I did not intend to put out another update until the all-important PET scan was performed in November unless something out of the ordinary happened. However, the natives are restless.  I’m getting several inquiries as to what’s going on and when is the next update, etc. is so here is the latest and greatest.

I continue to get the immunotherapy treatment every other week. The aftereffects of the treatment are mostly non-consequential so far. My blood work numbers are pretty much normal, however, I’m still taking steroids to keep my liver and kidney enzymes under control. The doctor is weaning me off of those because the steroids make the immunotherapy treatment somewhat less than 100% effective. Hopefully in about 3 to 4 weeks I will no longer be taking the steroids and the enzymes will remain as they should.

I did have a CAT scan done on September 27 and got the results the following Tuesday and explained to me by the oncologist. He said that the tumor has stabilized (no change in size) and some of the lesions in my lungs have gotten smaller but others have gotten larger. I hear that as a net “no change”.   The CAT scan indicates size only, not the intensity of the activity of the cancer cells with in the tumor.   That is what the PET scan will show.

In summary, the doctor told me that I would be perfectly normal if it wasn’t for the tumor. My response was that sounds like saying that the Titanic is a perfectly good ship except for the big hole in the side of the boat. He said “yes, pretty much like that.” As you can tell he and I have become good friends since April.

So going forward, the treatment regiment will remain the same and we shall see what the PET scan has to show in late November.  So the game plan is: steady as she goes and react according to changes, if changes occur. To be extreme to make a point: I suppose one scenario would be to continue treatments every other week for the next 30 years as long as everything remains stabilized which explains the picture at the top of this update.

As far as quality of life…. We have been doing a small finish out project at our home. I try to do much of the work myself because I like to and keeps me busy (installing laminate floors, installing doors and trim, painting, etc.) In addition, I try to keep up on my honey-do list whenever the lovely Miss Jodell snaps her fingers. I’m also entertaining the idea of securing some type of construction consulting work here in the Skaneateles area.  Currently, I am in Tampa hanging out with Ryan and we intend to go fishing in the Everglades on Tuesday. So my point is I’m very grateful to be as active as I am and, at the same time, fight this life threatening disease.

My doctor has told me in the past that I will never be able to say that I’m cancer free but he apparently does not know the power of my God.

Thank you for all the prayers from the Saints and keep them coming!

Romans 12:12 

Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer


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