August 21, 2019

Consider this a continuation of my last post. The last post was not definitive as to which way things were headed…..Either better or worse. If you recall, my kidney numbers (Creatinine) were extremely high. To combat this, I was given a lot of hydration. This caused other issues as described in my last post. The idea was to flush my kidneys to get the creatinine numbers in line. So in addition to the hydration they gave me medication to make me go to the bathroom. Once that treatment was completed on Friday, Jodell and I hit the road to go to Burlington, Vermont. It took two restrooms stops and a cornfield to get there but we made it! Now the good news: I was back in the cancer center yesterday for more blood work and a plan of action based on the numbers. Everything is pretty much in line except that the kidney numbers are still abnormally high but headed in the right direction. So the doctor put me in the infusion room to reinstate immunotherapy treatment. In addition, he put me on steroids attempting to keep the liver and kidney numbers where they need to be. Anyway, I see this to be a good thing because were now back on track in dealing with the cancer!


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