At the end of the last status report, the status was that the cancer growth was stable for now. Well things have changed, in a big way. The most likely suspect is from the latest immunotherapy treatment. I was fishing down in the Everglades and the fatigue overtook me to where I had to stop fishing. We cut our trip short to make our way back to Syracuse, New York. After using wheelchairs to get through the airport, etc. I was admitted to the hospital on Tuesday 3/28/23. It is now Monday, April 3rd with no plans of a discharge yet. I am now unable to use my arms and legs due to the increased fatigue. This was not too big of a surprise since earlier immunotherapies have always affected my enzymes and other parts of my body. So the mission now is to figure out how to reverse the process and get my body working again. Since I was admitted the treatments have been fast and furious with many doctors working on my case. Unfortunately, the study of the latest immunotherapy treatment I received a few weeks ago are now under way and a definitive path has not been determined. The treatments that I have had since Tuesday include:

  • 4 EKGs
  • MRI of abdomen, brain, thorax and lumbar
  • Echocardiogram of heart
  • Surgical insertion of a hepatic drain
  • Insertion of vascular catheter
  • Multiple rounds of steroids
  • Xray of neck/chest
  • Tons of bloodwork
  • Apheresis (x5 treatments)

So unfortunately, at this point, there is no clear path forward, but hopefully that will soon be determined. With all that being said, I hope that I will soon be back in the Everglades casting for a big sloppy snook!

Three things will last forever. Faith, hope and love and the greatest of these is love.

First Corinthians 13:13.


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