July 10, 2019

When my discussion with my doctor concluded yesterday, I had some blood work done before I went home.  Very soon after my July 9 post, I was called by the doctor’s office.  Seems my liver enzymes are now very high (a bad thing).  The theory is that the immunotherapy treatment is causing this unwanted side effect.  A known side effect of immunotherapy is that it boosts the immune system to where it might attack good organs in the body besides cancer cells.  So for now, immunotherapy has been postponed and my elevated liver enzymes are getting all the attention.  That started today with a hydration infusion (salt water) via IV and prednisone (pills).  Once the enzymes settle down, it will be back to immunotherapy.  I just hope we are not taking the foot off the neck of the tumor and letting it up off the mat!

However the good news today was that we caught 8 lake trout and 2 rainbow trout this morning!  Grilled trout tonight for dinner!  God is good!

Luke 5:9  For he and all who were with him were astonished at the catch of fish that they had taken.


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