group of doctors walking on hospital hallway
Just before my Dad was wheeled down to IR late this afternoon to (hopefully) stop the bleeding in his liver, he said he imagined that today’s post would start something like this:

Imagine waking up, your body surrounded by a team of people all dressed in white lab coats, peering down at you as if you were something of great interest, something special. (O, my Dad is a special one!!) For many people, this would be a quite a nightmare, and it is, yet this has been his daily routine for the past few days. Little to no sleep, vital signs taken every couple of hours, drugs administered left and right, nurses, NPs, medical students, residents, attendings, from all different teams providing updates and new recommendations for the time being. Nonstop. He is exhausted.

All in all, it was a relatively uneventful morning, my Dad went down to radiology to get scanned early this afternoon as a backup plan in case IR could not get his liver to stop bleeding. Radiation would be administered as a possible way to stop the bleeding and to control his pain. My Dad got his first TATTOOS! They made two tiny little marks to be able to align the radiation equipment in the future.

Currently waiting for him to get out of IR….

Thank you all for your support! It has greatly helped us all.


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