Day 4 in the hospital. Nurses are checking blood levels three times daily, which since Sunday’s surgery has been decreasing slowly leading us to believe the liver is still leaking blood into his abdomen.  Doctors are not concerned due to the slow rate at which he is losing blood, however last night a CT scan was ordered to get a visual. This morning James received two units of blood and another CT scan. Yesterday, it was also decided that we need to stent the vein between liver and heart due to the tumor and clot combo which occupies 90% of the blood way. Opening up the blood flow and preventing any blood clots from coming loose causing further complications. To kill two birds with one stone tomorrow doctors will attempt to stop the leak in his liver, again, while at the same time placing stents in his clogged vein.  If everything goes as planned this will make him stable enough to leave the hospital within a couple days provided blood levels stabilize. James also received his first dose of Immune Therapy yesterday which is the main effort in fighting the cancer in liver and rest of his body. As of now he has had zero side effects from the treatment other than feeling tired due to his activated immune system. Doctors say they will not know whether the Immune Therapy is having a positive affect on the tumor until 2-4 treatments. (1 treatment/3 weeks)  James is mentally and spiritually well and remains optimistic that the Immune Therapy will work. James has requested that anyone wanting to visit hold off until we can get the surgery behinds us and he is able to leave the hospital.



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