April 23, 2019 – a rough few days

Jenna left on Friday to return to Nashville. Lindsey and Jason arrived the same day late. The plan was just to hang out over the weekend in anticipation of the oncology appointment on Tuesday. However it did not work out this way. Early Sunday morning, I began having excruciating pain in my torso. Jodell was going to drive me to the hospital but I didn’t think I could walk to the car. An ambulance was called and I was whisked away to upstate Hospital in Syracuse. When they wheeled me into the ER, it was like a scene from one of those doctor shows. As many people that could find space were surrounding my stretcher. It was determined that the site of my liver biopsy was bleeding on the inside. The bottom fell out of my blood pressure. That was stabilized and later that day they performed a procedure going into my groin and patching the bleeding spots in my liver. That procedure was successful. I have been in the intensive care unit up until last night. I have now been moved to a regular room. I hope to go home possibly today but most likely Thursday.  It appears cancer treatment has been postponed a day or two because of this event.  Ryan showed up yesterday and is here now. It is good to have him here.


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